Rental Marketplace grows as UK residents look for new sources of income

London, March 10th 2009 - A new online marketplace, where people can rent out their useful property, is prospering in the UK as more people look to new ways to generate income in the tough economic climate.

Zilok allows people to rent anything to and from anyone, from video game consoles and digital cameras to DIY tools and handbags.

With unemployment almost tipping 2 million and a number of major employers putting staff on reduced hours and wages, is providing the opportunity to transform consumer goods into cash.

1,000 people are joining Zilok every month with a number of members on the site already making over £100 a month renting drills and game consoles alone.

Pioneered in France, the site aims to do for rentals what eBay did for direct person-to-person selling, only with the additional benefit of repeatedly cashing in on the same item, while still being able to use it.

Across its entire operation, Zilok has over 60,000 active members with over 250,000 items for hire and hosts almost 300,000 visitors every month across France, Netherlands, the US and the UK.

The most searched rental items today are:
* Game consoles
* Wedding/Gala dresses
* Baby Equipment
* Party/events items (lights, bouncy castles, etc)
* DIY tools
* Cameras

Gary Cige, co-founder and CEO of Zilok, said: "Because of the financial crisis, renting is becoming a popular way to make money using items that people already have sitting around the house. We have been overwhelmed by the interest in the site and renting is on the way to becoming the latest consumer-trend.

"Zilok allows people to easily set up a new business from the comfort of their own home and quickly start making money out of what they already own."

Joana Picq, Zilok’s UK Managing Director, said: “Items like Nintendo Wiis are becoming popular rental items, maybe because people are going out less but cannot afford the outlay for a brand new console. It’s a good opportunity for people who own one to start cashing in on it!”


But wanna input on few general thnigs, The website layout is perfect, the subject matter is really great. Drop the question what tomorrow may bring, and count as profit every day that fate allows you. by Horace.
  • written by Wezzth
  • on 2012-12-06 3:47 pm
That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cnotirbutnig.
  • written by Alexandra
  • on 2012-12-04 7:25 am
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