Surviving the G20 protests!

London, April 1st 2009 - If the images of today's riots got you worried about getting to work or circulating around London tomorrow, Worry no more! The Zilok community is here to help you.

A website where people can rent anything to and from anyone can help you bypass the G20 protests and make sure you keep your job while you still have it!

To make sure you can safely get from A to B within London during the G20, offers a wide selection of helmets across town, for just £5 a day.
Ladies who want to protect their heads in Style can even choose from more fashionable models such as this Hello Kitty design in West London:

If you are a bit too claustrophobic for helmets, or just curious to see the protests, you may also hire Stilts for only £10, right in the centre of town:

However, if you happen to be a recently famous banker, Zilok highly recommends renting a Batman Mask if you really must travel within London this week...

And if you decide to stay home after all, how about making a few quid renting your helmet, stilts, masks or anything else online?
Here is your opportunity to make money renting things you own that can help people walk safely in London during this week's protest! Don't miss out!

About Zilok
Zilok is an online rental marketplace where you can rent anything and everything to and from anyone, both individuals and businesses. Zilok’s mission is to support and develop peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consumption. went live in the UK in Spring 2008, and is the World's largest online rental marketplace, with operations in the USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium. was elected the best European Startup by the Plugg Startup Rally 2008 audience, won the Startup 2.0 Challenge, and was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine. Zilok is a member of the European Rental Association and Hire Association Europe.

Press Contact - Joana Picq - 02032866101


I booked titkecs for me and my family to fly to Cape Town on Mango and then requested a quote from Tempest ti hire a car. After looking up Tempest on the internet I received a quote that was more than the figures listed on your site. I have subsequently provisionally booked a car with a competitor at a lower rate. I battled to get the link from Mango to Tempest to work on about 8 occassions.
  • written by Aziz
  • on 2012-12-04 11:52 am
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