Gain some spending power: rent out your purchases on Zilo

A majority of english people estimate that their spending power has decreased over the last year. Zilok is a great way to soften this blow: you win with little effort and no investment!

If you have young children, then you most certainly had to buy a stroller, a baby-bottle heater and lots of other nursery materials besides. Now that your child is getting around and feeding themselves, you can profit by renting your equipment to other young parents.

On Zilok, everything is for rent : you can offer sports equipment that your children are fast growing out of and you have to always replace. Your rentals will quickly pay back what you need to replace your used goods.

Sports equipment rental between individuals

Team sports rental


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  • written by taxiviber
  • on 2017-09-05 9:32 pm
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  • written by Delphia
  • on 2012-12-06 9:48 am
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  • on 2012-12-04 2:44 am
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