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Gain some spending power: rent out your purchases on Zilo

A majority of english people estimate that their spending power has decreased over the last year. Zilok is a great way to soften this blow: you win with little effort and no investment!

If you have young children, then you most certainly had to buy a stroller, a baby-bottle heater and lots of other nursery materials besides. Now that your child is getting around and feeding themselves, you can profit by renting your equipment to other young parents.

On Zilok, everything is for rent : you can offer sports equipment that your children are fast growing out of and you have to always replace. Your rentals will quickly pay back what you need to replace your used goods.

Sports equipment rental between individuals

Team sports rental

New design, more streamlined !

Here it is ! The new version of Zilok is online ! As you can see, our team made some modifications to the search function and the registration of items for rent.

In addition to the new design, the structure of the various categories has been reworked from the inside out so that each user can more quickly and easily find the item they are looking for.

We put a lot of time into this overhaul, so be sure to get in touch with your comments and feedback, and especially regarding any bugs that crop up ! Thank you everyone in advance.

Originally separated into 12 categories, the items for rent are now available in 8 themed sections:

  • Auto
  • Tools
  • Party
  • Electronics
  • Leisure
  • Luxury
  • At Home
  • Vacation

Searching Rentals on Zilok Just Got Faster

Live today, Zilok's new search engine is showing results for your requests faster than ever. After the recent makeover of our booking system, we now turn another important page in Zilok's development: an optimized search engine.

We asked our community what would improve the search experience on Zilok. The responses were quite uniform: less map (sometimes confusing), more speed, and more filtering options. That's pretty much what you'll get today when you run a search on Zilok.

The filtering options allow you to:

  • Narrow down your search very quickly by selecting the exact category of rentals you are looking for,
  • View rentals with photos only,
  • Search rentals from individual members only, or from rental businesses only,
  • Select a daily rental price range that suits your budget,
  • Automatically zoom in or out by choosing how far you are willing to collect the rental.
As you filter your search, results will update instantly.

The number of rentals available on Zilok has been increasing rapidly in the last few months, somewhat slowing down the system. The added speed comes very handy to help our users find what they need in a few seconds.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the redesign, we are very proud of this new search engine that has made searching rentals on Zilok faster and more convenient than ever. Let us know what you think of it!

Zilok has a New Simplified Booking System!

Zilok has changed its booking system to make it easier for all its member to rent online! No more missed requests or expired bookings.

The Zilok team is happy to announce its new rental booking process:

  • Owners and renters brought even closer together!
  • No more waiting! Once a booking request is made, the renter can contact the owner to verify the item is available and make arrangements for pick up!

Search -> Book -> Call -> Arrange Pick up: Now all within 5 minutes!
Zilok still follows you all the way, only giving you more freedom and agility.

Click here to try the new interface!

New to London?

Zilok has just established a new partnership with www.LondonAmigo.com to help newcomers find everything else they need in Town. You already know you can hire anything you need on Zilok, but if it's practical advice you need, go to LondonAmigo.com!

LondonAmigo is an internet portal for people moving to London.

You will find tips and links on accommodation, housing, legal matters, transport, jobs, courses, schools, health, sight seeing, leisure, banking, eating out, events and, of course, shopping. Have a look at their Survival Guide and find out for yourself!

It offers all the necessary information for newcomers, helping you with your move, settling down and integrating into the new community. The information is free to access and is available in English, Spanish and Turkish.

So if you're new to london, hire everything you need on Zilok, and go to our new partner londonAmigo for everything else!

The Sun tells you how to travel safely with Zilok during the G20!

The Sun's Columnists mentioned Zilok in The Sun's "The Whip" this April 2nd, telling readers how "(...)an online rental marketplace was boasting how it could make you safe travelling through the capital."

The Sun mentioned Zilok and the Helmets and Stilts its community members offer for hire to Londoners wishing to travel in town during the G20.

"Zilok UK offered a “wide selection of helmets” for a mere £5 a day.
"Stilts to take you above the rioters for a tenner and — for really famous bankers — a Batman mask to disguise your greedy mug."

No doubt, you can rent ANYTHING on Zilok, whatever the occasion may be!

To read the full story, click here.

Zilok on BBC Radio Lincolnshire Drivetime Show!

Tom Morris and William Wright from the Drivetime Show discussed what they might want to rent from each other, and how Zilok can help you cash in on anything and everything you have laying around your house. Listen in!

BBC Radio Lincolnshire Drivetime Show interviewed Joana Picq, Zilok UK General Manager, as they explained to their listeners how they can turn their belongings into money makers by renting them online!

William and Tom started off discussing the various things one might need on occasion and the other might have at home, such as fondue sets and party clothes, then asked Joana about the weirdest items posted on Zilok, and whether people only rent from close neighbours.

William also wondered about the new dynamics of renting out personal items, such as clothes, and pointed out how useful it can be to hire baby equipment from each other, especially when travelling.

Want to hear the full interview? Listen in!

Surviving the G20 protests!

London, April 1st 2009 - If the images of today's riots got you worried about getting to work or circulating around London tomorrow, Worry no more! The Zilok community is here to help you.

A website where people can rent anything to and from anyone can help you bypass the G20 protests and make sure you keep your job while you still have it!

To make sure you can safely get from A to B within London during the G20, Zilok.co.uk offers a wide selection of helmets across town, for just £5 a day.
Ladies who want to protect their heads in Style can even choose from more fashionable models such as this Hello Kitty design in West London:

If you are a bit too claustrophobic for helmets, or just curious to see the protests, you may also hire Stilts for only £10, right in the centre of town:

However, if you happen to be a recently famous banker, Zilok highly recommends renting a Batman Mask if you really must travel within London this week...

And if you decide to stay home after all, how about making a few quid renting your helmet, stilts, masks or anything else online?
Here is your opportunity to make money renting things you own that can help people walk safely in London during this week's protest! Don't miss out!

About Zilok
Zilok is an online rental marketplace where you can rent anything and everything to and from anyone, both individuals and businesses. Zilok’s mission is to support and develop peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consumption. Zilok.com went live in the UK in Spring 2008, and is the World's largest online rental marketplace, with operations in the USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium. Zilok.com was elected the best European Startup by the Plugg Startup Rally 2008 audience, won the Startup 2.0 Challenge, and was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine. Zilok is a member of the European Rental Association and Hire Association Europe.

Press Contact - Joana Picq - 02032866101

Zilok on BBC Radio 2

Joana Picq, General Manager of Zilok UK, was interviewed by Rachel Horne on Chris Evan's show, the Drivetime Programme, BBC radio 2's Number 1 show in the UK.

Rachel quickly presented Zilok and how it can help all listeners make money renting things out, as well as save money renting things in.

She then asked Joana what were the most popular items, how the hand-over works between members, and how owners could get refunded in case items were damaged by renters.

Last but not least, they talked about average earnings on Zilok, and how some members are making almost £300 amonth renting things online!

To listen to the interview, go to 1h25min10sec on Chris Evan's show recorded.

Scientifically proven: Zilok will be the next Google!!

Sean Gourley of YouNoodle predicted, mathematically, that Zilok will become the next Google. The numbers do not lie. Neither does Sean...

Sean's webiste, YouNoodle, uses savvy technology and takes over 24 factors to calculate an online start-up's potential to become the next big thing.

Watch the Interview on NBC, with BBC's tech reporter Maggie Shiels: