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Zilok members featured in the Sunday Telegraph!

Christopher Middleton recently wrote about Zilok and the growing popularity of online renting. The article, entitled "Homeware for hire", features four proud Zilok members in Greater London sharing their renting experience: Mayya, Jimmy, Chris and Corin

Jimmy Mattrel and Mayya Layt from maida vale, London, were interviewed by the Sunday telegraph following a rental transaction, in which Mayya was the happy renter and Jimmy the £10 richer owner of a fondue set posted on Zilok.
"Now where, you might ask, could you possibly find someone who (a) was the proud owner of a stainless steel cheese-melting device plus pronging forks, and (b) was prepared to let it out on hire? The answer is Zilok, a website designed to put people renting things out, in touch with people in their neighbourhood who want to rent them.

Jimmy also told Christopher about testing an iPhone on Zilok before making a decision to (not) buy one, and Mayya mentioned her experience making money online with her dresses and handbags.

Christopher also spoke to Chris and Corinne from Reading who told him how renting on Zilok can make life with small children more practical: "Chris and Corinne Waldie, from Reading, hired a two-seat stroller (£7) for a trip to London to see friends who, like them, have one small child. “Having the stroller meant we could fit both children into it, and it was great having just the one pram to push,” says Chris. “Now we’re hoping to earn a bit renting out all the things our son has grown out of: car seat, bath seat, you name it.”

Thanks again to our four supportive members for making time to speak to the journalist and helping others find out about the joys of online people-to-people renting!

Read the full article here.

Rental Marketplace grows as UK residents look for new sources of income

London, March 10th 2009 - A new online marketplace, where people can rent out their useful property, is prospering in the UK as more people look to new ways to generate income in the tough economic climate.

Zilok allows people to rent anything to and from anyone, from video game consoles and digital cameras to DIY tools and handbags.

With unemployment almost tipping 2 million and a number of major employers putting staff on reduced hours and wages, www.zilok.co.uk is providing the opportunity to transform consumer goods into cash.

1,000 people are joining Zilok every month with a number of members on the site already making over £100 a month renting drills and game consoles alone.

Pioneered in France, the site aims to do for rentals what eBay did for direct person-to-person selling, only with the additional benefit of repeatedly cashing in on the same item, while still being able to use it.

Across its entire operation, Zilok has over 60,000 active members with over 250,000 items for hire and hosts almost 300,000 visitors every month across France, Netherlands, the US and the UK.

The most searched rental items today are:
* Game consoles
* Wedding/Gala dresses
* Baby Equipment
* Party/events items (lights, bouncy castles, etc)
* DIY tools
* Cameras

Gary Cige, co-founder and CEO of Zilok, said: "Because of the financial crisis, renting is becoming a popular way to make money using items that people already have sitting around the house. We have been overwhelmed by the interest in the site and renting is on the way to becoming the latest consumer-trend.

"Zilok allows people to easily set up a new business from the comfort of their own home and quickly start making money out of what they already own."

Joana Picq, Zilok’s UK Managing Director, said: “Items like Nintendo Wiis are becoming popular rental items, maybe because people are going out less but cannot afford the outlay for a brand new console. It’s a good opportunity for people who own one to start cashing in on it!”

Zilok attends The Rental Show 2009 in Atlanta

Zilok attended the American Rental Show this week in Atlanta. Our team says they've had lots of interesting visits to their booth and we can expect to have even more partners posting exciting items on Zilok very soon. Stay tuned!

Hire a bouncy castle and have THE garden party this spring!

Make your garden party even more exciting this spring with Zilok and its partners. We have recently established a partnership with the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA) to offer you more bouncy castles for hire!

Not sure what to do for your son’s birthday party? Thinking of something fun for the kids this spring? Looking for ways to make the next company event a bit more “fun”? Think no more, hire a bouncy castle!

If you own a bouncy castle and are renting it out on Zilok, we recommend you join the BIHA association today to start improving your bouncy castle business!
The BIHA welcomes new members from all aspects of hiring inflatables in the UK (also with a section for international hire companies), from weekend garden party hirers to Showmen and Corporate Event Hire companies. It was founded in December 2000 and has around 2,000 members. You might also want to join the BIHA discussion forum at the BIHA on its partner site: www.BouncyCastleOwner.com

Financial Times looks at Zilok to "cash in on Physical Capital"

Tim Bradshaw, writer for the Financial Times, recently wrote an article on Hire trade growth as consumers seek out value, and mentioned Zilok and its expansion to the UK, calling it an "innovative new model to emerge" during recession.

"The rental market is growing rapidly amid the downturn, as cash-strapped consumers search out costeffective substitutes for high-street spending."
"One innovative new model to emerge aims to do for rentals what Ebay did for direct person-to-person selling."
Tim goes on describing how Zilok is "accelerating its international expansion as it sees opportunity in the downturn", mentioning the ongoing increase in UK members, and some of the most searched items on Zilok.co.uk.

You can read the full article here.

News for Londoners!

Zilok has found a new online community that can help its london members get even more from each other! If you already enjoy renting to and from other londoners, why not also get hints and tips from them?

Zilok has recently partnered with beLondoner, a social network that allows Londoners to meet likeminded people, share interests and ideas, and find out what festivals, expos and other events are happening in Greater London every day.
Now you may not only rent from each other, but also share hints and tips on what to do and where to go in London!

beLondoner is a private social network accessible only by registered members aiming to establish a friendly, cosy and secure online social community for all londoners. Join in!

Money-Watch.co.uk: Earn money renting your stuff on Zilok!

Rob Lewis wrote on the Money-Watch UK blog about how to earn money renting out your stuff on Zilok. He explained how the site works, and how it can eb helpful for your personal finances. Let's hear the expert!

\"For example, you might have some tools that you rarely use that may be of use to others for a weekend’s DIY, or you may wish to borrow a hedge trimmer for a couple of days to clear up a garden, but don’t want to pay as much as you would from a normal hire shop..\"
As Rob mentions, \"At the moment, there seems to be little coverage for items outside of the UK’s major cities, but given time this should improve if people find it a useful service.\". If we spread the word, we might just be able to rent wellies and camping tents at Glastonbury this summer!

You can read the full article here.

Get what you really wanted for Valentine's day this year!

London, February 13th, 2009 – Did you really need another drill? Was there nothing more romantic than a smoothie maker? And does anyone really want to watch Sleepless in Seattle for the 14th time?

Couples across the UK exchange Millions of presents on February 14th each year, but not all of them have quite the desired effect...

Whether your girlfriend tried too hard, or your husband didn’t try hard enough, there is a new solution to your Valentine’s frustration: Rent your present online, make money out of it, and get what you REALLY wanted!

Turn that set of heart-shaped cushions into football tickets, and let your new Dyson buy you a day at the Spa on Zilok.co.uk, the new eBay for renting. Because nothing says “I love you” more than keeping your rubbish valentine’s present and making money out of it!

About Zilok
Zilok is an online rental marketplace where you can rent anything and everything to and from anyone, both individuals and businesses. Zilok’s mission is to support and develop peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consumption. Zilok.com went live in the UK in Spring 2008, and is the World\'s largest online rental marketplace, with operations in the USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium. Zilok.com was elected the best European Startup by the Plugg Startup Rally 2008 audience, won the Startup 2.0 Challenge, and was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine. Zilok is a member of the European Rental Association.

Press Contact

Joana Picq
Mobile: 07530057536

Fighting Recession on the web: Rent anything online

London, January 27th, 2009 – 1.92 Million unemployed, one home repossessed every 10 minutes... Recession is here, and we can’t deny it. What we can do is find ways to get through it. Time to make use of everything you own: time to rent!

On Zilok.co.uk, you can rent anything and everything to or from anyone around you.

Zilok.co.uk is an online community platform that allows you to make money renting things you own to people near you. DIY tools, sewing machines, cameras, electronic devices, sports equipment, lawn mowers, game consoles, DVDs, furniture, handbags, clothes, costumes, projectors, strollers, books, vacation rentals… you can rent it all online. By the same token, you can save money renting anything from people near you; DIY tools to work on the house, a bicycle for your son who’s outgrown his, a fancy handbag for a special evening...

For those who aren’t very creative, or are anxious to find out how much money they could earn on Zilok to fight recession in the household, there is an online simulation tool. The rental income simulator takes you on a virtual tour of your house, you tick the objects you own, and it calculates your expected earnings per month if you were to rent them on zilok.co.uk.

A fast growing marketplace

Members are bringing new people to Zilok every day, widening the community and increasing both the demand for your rental items and the supply of things to rent for your needs. Beth from Reading agrees: “ I made £30 renting my lawn mower and my fancy handbag on Zilok last month. I'm definitely going to start posting more stuff on my profile!”. And so does Adam from Leeds: “ I wanted to take photos at my sister’s wedding, so I went looking on Zilok and I found the perfect small camera a couple of miles from my house for just £10! I can’t afford to buy much these days, so I’m glad I can rent things on Zilok when I need them.

About Zilok.com

Zilok is your online rental marketplace where you can rent anything and everything to and from anyone, both individuals and businesses. Zilok’s mission is to support and develop peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consumption.

Zilok.com went live in the UK in Spring 2008, and is the World's largest online rental marketplace, with operations in the USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium. Zilok.com was elected the best European Startup by the Plugg Startup Rally 2008 audience, won the Startup 2.0 Challenge, and was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine. Zilok is a member of the European Rental Association.

PR Contact: Joana Picq - 07530057536

Zilok is One Year Old! A Quick Glance in the Mirror and the Road Ahead

A year ago, around noon, Zilok.com came to life on the Internet. So much has been accomplished since then! Now Zilok is on the right track to become a mainstream service.

Zilok is the fruit of a very ambitious project. A desire to enable and promote a new way of consuming, that would give people more choices while saving natural resources. No more buying things new that we'll use once and then store forever in a closet.

In this new century natural resources are becoming scarce, and the economy is starting to notice, not just with higher prices but also with a growing concern for conservation. Because it makes sense economically too. And that's what peer-to-peer renting is offering: an economic structure for a more efficient use of the community's resources. It goes beyond hugging trees. It makes sense, economically too.

So one year after the first release of the site, we feel we're going in the right direction. Looking back, here's the achievements we're the most proud about:

  • Conquering the World: Zilok.com is home to P2P renting communities in five countries, making it the World Premier Online Rental Marketplace.
  • Impacting the Industry: Zilok's already made an impact on the rental industry. With more than 500 rental businesses on board, you can now rent everything from tools to racing motorcycles from businesses down the street. Zilok is an active and proud member of the European Rental Association.
  • Getting the Attention: Since Zilok went live in the UK, it made news in many A-list media publications, media and blogs: the Times, the Guardian, the International Herald Tribune, Reader's Digest, PC Magazine, PC World, CNET, TechCrunch... the list goes on.
  • Feeling the Love: Zilok has received many awards from industry leaders: Site of the Week and part of the Top 100 2008 Websites at PC Magazine, Best European Startup by the audience of the Plugg Startup Rally 2008, and Zilok won the 2008 Startup 2.0 Challenge in Barcelona.
  • Defining the Standards: We're starting to see clones and new followers popping up every other week. That's always a good sign!

Now, our objective and big challenge for the long run is to become a mainstream service. We want you and everyone you know to think Zilok tomorrow for renting as naturally as you think eBay today for selling. That's the horizon, and with the help of our community we're going for it.

We'll need all the help we can get to bring peer-to-peer renting to the UK homes, so if you want to get involved, contact us or start spreading the word!