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The Sun tells you how to travel safely with Zilok during the G20!

The Sun's Columnists mentioned Zilok in The Sun's "The Whip" this April 2nd, telling readers how "(...)an online rental marketplace was boasting how it could make you safe travelling through the capital."

The Sun mentioned Zilok and the Helmets and Stilts its community members offer for hire to Londoners wishing to travel in town during the G20.

"Zilok UK offered a “wide selection of helmets” for a mere £5 a day.
"Stilts to take you above the rioters for a tenner and — for really famous bankers — a Batman mask to disguise your greedy mug."

No doubt, you can rent ANYTHING on Zilok, whatever the occasion may be!

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Zilok on BBC Radio Lincolnshire Drivetime Show!

Tom Morris and William Wright from the Drivetime Show discussed what they might want to rent from each other, and how Zilok can help you cash in on anything and everything you have laying around your house. Listen in!

BBC Radio Lincolnshire Drivetime Show interviewed Joana Picq, Zilok UK General Manager, as they explained to their listeners how they can turn their belongings into money makers by renting them online!

William and Tom started off discussing the various things one might need on occasion and the other might have at home, such as fondue sets and party clothes, then asked Joana about the weirdest items posted on Zilok, and whether people only rent from close neighbours.

William also wondered about the new dynamics of renting out personal items, such as clothes, and pointed out how useful it can be to hire baby equipment from each other, especially when travelling.

Want to hear the full interview? Listen in!

Zilok on BBC Radio 2

Joana Picq, General Manager of Zilok UK, was interviewed by Rachel Horne on Chris Evan's show, the Drivetime Programme, BBC radio 2's Number 1 show in the UK.

Rachel quickly presented Zilok and how it can help all listeners make money renting things out, as well as save money renting things in.

She then asked Joana what were the most popular items, how the hand-over works between members, and how owners could get refunded in case items were damaged by renters.

Last but not least, they talked about average earnings on Zilok, and how some members are making almost £300 amonth renting things online!

To listen to the interview, go to 1h25min10sec on Chris Evan's show recorded.

Scientifically proven: Zilok will be the next Google!!

Sean Gourley of YouNoodle predicted, mathematically, that Zilok will become the next Google. The numbers do not lie. Neither does Sean...

Sean's webiste, YouNoodle, uses savvy technology and takes over 24 factors to calculate an online start-up's potential to become the next big thing.

Watch the Interview on NBC, with BBC's tech reporter Maggie Shiels:

Zilok members featured in the Sunday Telegraph!

Christopher Middleton recently wrote about Zilok and the growing popularity of online renting. The article, entitled "Homeware for hire", features four proud Zilok members in Greater London sharing their renting experience: Mayya, Jimmy, Chris and Corin

Jimmy Mattrel and Mayya Layt from maida vale, London, were interviewed by the Sunday telegraph following a rental transaction, in which Mayya was the happy renter and Jimmy the £10 richer owner of a fondue set posted on Zilok.
"Now where, you might ask, could you possibly find someone who (a) was the proud owner of a stainless steel cheese-melting device plus pronging forks, and (b) was prepared to let it out on hire? The answer is Zilok, a website designed to put people renting things out, in touch with people in their neighbourhood who want to rent them.

Jimmy also told Christopher about testing an iPhone on Zilok before making a decision to (not) buy one, and Mayya mentioned her experience making money online with her dresses and handbags.

Christopher also spoke to Chris and Corinne from Reading who told him how renting on Zilok can make life with small children more practical: "Chris and Corinne Waldie, from Reading, hired a two-seat stroller (£7) for a trip to London to see friends who, like them, have one small child. “Having the stroller meant we could fit both children into it, and it was great having just the one pram to push,” says Chris. “Now we’re hoping to earn a bit renting out all the things our son has grown out of: car seat, bath seat, you name it.”

Thanks again to our four supportive members for making time to speak to the journalist and helping others find out about the joys of online people-to-people renting!

Read the full article here.

Financial Times looks at Zilok to "cash in on Physical Capital"

Tim Bradshaw, writer for the Financial Times, recently wrote an article on Hire trade growth as consumers seek out value, and mentioned Zilok and its expansion to the UK, calling it an "innovative new model to emerge" during recession.

"The rental market is growing rapidly amid the downturn, as cash-strapped consumers search out costeffective substitutes for high-street spending."
"One innovative new model to emerge aims to do for rentals what Ebay did for direct person-to-person selling."
Tim goes on describing how Zilok is "accelerating its international expansion as it sees opportunity in the downturn", mentioning the ongoing increase in UK members, and some of the most searched items on

You can read the full article here. Earn money renting your stuff on Zilok!

Rob Lewis wrote on the Money-Watch UK blog about how to earn money renting out your stuff on Zilok. He explained how the site works, and how it can eb helpful for your personal finances. Let's hear the expert!

\"For example, you might have some tools that you rarely use that may be of use to others for a weekend’s DIY, or you may wish to borrow a hedge trimmer for a couple of days to clear up a garden, but don’t want to pay as much as you would from a normal hire shop..\"
As Rob mentions, \"At the moment, there seems to be little coverage for items outside of the UK’s major cities, but given time this should improve if people find it a useful service.\". If we spread the word, we might just be able to rent wellies and camping tents at Glastonbury this summer!

You can read the full article here.

The Guardian speaks of us

In this Elevator Pitch, Gary Cige, our co-founder is interviewed by the the Digital Content Blog. Get to know a little bit more about the behinds of this incredible story.

Zilok has a novel take on online retail, hoping to do for renting what eBay did for auctions.

Below, you'll find a small extract of the article


Explain your business to my Mum

"Zilok is a place on line where you can rent or rent out anything in a safe way. I'm not talking about real estate, but absolutely anything else: a fancy bag, a digital camera, a baby stroller, a barbecue, mower, scooter - absolutely anything. You can now make money from the things you have and save money on the things you want and need. If you know ebay, you can say we're the' ebay but for rentals.

"The idea is for you to be able to rent anything you might need in your neighbourhood or earn money easily by putting stuff you don't use everyday. Some of our members earned more than £200 in a couple of weeks by renting their cameras four or five times."


See more on The Guardian

Zilok at The Next Web conference and in the International Herald Tribune

The worldwide Internet scene gathered last week in Amsterdam for The Next Web conference, showcasing the hottest trends and startups in Europe. Zilok was on stage, and in the Herald Tribune columns.

The third edition of The Next Web conference was a unique occasion to bring in one place the VIPs of the Internet from Europe and the United States.

The event was widely covered by the media, you can check the extensive coverage from in these posts ( Day 1, Day 2, and wrap-up).

We were also pleased to be the startup that caught the attention of the International Herald Tribune in this article .

Gary, our CEO and founder, gives you a few tips in the article about things you might want to put up for rent: Gary "said the company had expected power tools to be its bread and butter, but was surprised to find that professional-quality photo cameras and baby strollers had turned out to be big hits on the rental market. One guy who happened to have a popcorn machine has rented it out six times and he's paid it off now".

Thanks Gary, now we know what to do with our digital cameras, strollers and pop-corn machines, let's set them free from their closets!