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Rental Astromech droid

Price : £ 25.00 / day
Location : W3 6DA London
Owner :pogicci
Account :Individual

Voice controlled Astromech Droid. Ideal for entertaining visiting guests and making your wife leave you.

This AstroMech Droid is voice activated and one of the most extremely satisfying things to play with in the world.  You can say things like "hey? R2" and it will respond and turn its head in your direction.  You can then have it perform tasks such as a very amusing "Droid Dance" where it dances and plays the theme tune from the canteina as seen in Star Wars in 1977.

You can also use it to play games.  You can play a very amusing version of spin the bottle using the droids infrared sensors to choose the next person to ... do whatever task is required for the game.  This REALLY is a lot of fun and my previous partner really did throw me out.  I am not sure if owning this droid was the only reason, but it was definitly the last straw. 

So if you are feeling like a change, rent out my droid, your friends will respect you for it and I am sure she will finally throw in the towel.

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Daily price £ 25.00
Week end price £ 50.00
Week price £ 175.00
Month price £ 700.00
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Deposit £ 100.00

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